Oh My Word Luxury Paperie was chosen by Food Network Magazine to be a part of their Easter magazine issue. The local Sioux Falls business was given the task to create an "egg-that's-not-a-real-egg" designed to represent their home state of South Dakota.

Like with most great opportunities in life this one had a deadline that needed to be met. When you get a chance like being featured in a magazine you do what you have to do in order to make things happen.

The issue of Food Network Magazine is available today (March 20) and as you flip through the magazine you will see the incredible talent and time the eggs took. What most readers of the magazine will not know is how close the South Dakota egg was from not making it.

With an up and down last minute reality TV style eggcident (yes I just did that) Hector the South Dakota Pheasant egg almost didn't make it in time.

Oh My Word Luxury Paperie made South Dakota proud with this talented design, time, and teamwork behind this beautiful egg they made to represent our state. You can see the pictures and read the entire emotional roller coaster in The Journey of Hector the Food Network Magazine Pheasant from the Oh My Word Blog post.

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