(Isn't the theme song amazing? More shows need actual theme songs! Just one of the many things I'll miss about this show!)

The seventh and final season of Orange is the New Black is out on Netflix today (July 26).

So, I thought before I started binging the final season, I would take a moment to reflect back on what I've learned, things I've appreciated, observations, if you will, from Orange is the New Black.


  • The fight at the end of season one literally left me shook. Like what? Piper legit lost it on Pennsatucky. Did she kill her? What will happen to her? And then season two starts and we don't get any answers for like three episodes! Ugh, the worst. But, like, the best. Am I right?
  • Natasha Lyonne plays Nicole Nichols AKA Nicky AKA Nichols. We have the same first name so obviously we're connected in the universe.
  • Taystee's real name is Tasha so again, I'm connected cosmically to this show.
  • One of my favorite scenes that really has nothing to do with anything is when one of the guards explains why red velvet is worthless and it's like he took the words right out of my mouth!

Well said.

  • When Poussey died, I literally wasn't right for about a week. I remember watching it just wishing that guard would get the heck off of her! Yet, I felt bad for the guard, he didn't mean to, it was an accident. So many conflicting feelings.
  • The show really shines a light on the flaws in our prison/legal system. For one, mental illness needs to be taken more seriously. Crazy Eyes and Lolly are prime examples of people that need proper medication and diagnosis, not prison.
  • Aren't we all Piper? She was the main focus in season one, but quickly the show became more about the ensemble. I don't know one person that would choose Piper as their favorite character. A lot of people find her annoying, but if we are totally honest with ourselves, aren't we all Piper?! Personally, I am a middle class white woman from the Midwest who has never been in trouble before. If I ended up in prison, I would be just as annoying. I would probably cry the entire time!

Overall, I've loved the ride that Orange is the New Black has taken us on. I love that at the heart of the show are female friendships. Sure things get messy and not everybody gets along all the time, but the show also demonstrates how friendships can be found in the most unlikely of places. And how nothing brings people together like a common enemy. It's also a show that makes you question who exactly is the 'bad guy'? Sometimes things aren't black and white, there is a lot of gray area.

I'm going into the last season with the attitude that no matter how it ends, I'll be alright with it. Sure, there are things I hope happen, but just like life, we don't always get what we want.

Ok, now leave me alone for the next 13 hours!!


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