A restaurant located just outside of Sioux Falls in Garretson is closing its doors in July.  However, this sudden closure does not appear to be COVID-19 related, especially since this establishment was featured on national television just last year.

Executive Chef and co-owner of the restaurant, Omar Thornton opened O So Good just four years ago. This establishment was a dream come true for Omar and his family.  In the surprising announcement on a Facebook Live video this past Friday morning, Omar explains to viewers that this restaurant is "us." It's the food, the atmosphere, and the culture that represents what O So Good is all about.  "This whole restaurant was decorated by me and my wife.  Therefore, a lot of our spirit flows throughout this restaurant.  For us, that means a whole lot," says Omar in the Facebook video.


Overall, this was a difficult decision for Omar to make.  Apparently, the closure is primarily due to staffing issues within the establishment.  Nevertheless, Omar and his family are grateful for the continued support in Garretson and throughout the Sioux Empire.  "The hurt and the sadness we are feeling not being able to continue here in Garretson is great," states Omar.

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There is a little light in this unfortunate situation.  Omar did reveal in the  Facebook video and in a Facebook post that they will be joining a "well-known place" in downtown Sioux Falls.  Omar reassures his customers that they will be sharing more information over the coming weeks.  He did hint that some items on the O So Good menu will be along for the ride but not everything in order to "fit with the style."

O So Good has really made an impact not only in the community but in the state as well.  Last year, the family-owned restaurant was on the national television stage when Guy Fieri featured them on his hit show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.  To this day, Omar is still in disbelief that Guy was even in his restaurant, and that Guy indicated that Omar’s collard greens were the best he's ever had!

The O So Good location in Garretson will remain open from Thursday, July 1st through Saturday, 3rd and from Thursday, July 8th through Saturday, July 10th. You can expect Omar and his crew to be settled in at their new location in Sioux Falls by Sunday, August 1st.

We cannot wait to see what's next for Omar and his staff because his food is truly "o so good."

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