We've all been there before where we are moving or going to be visiting someplace new and want to know what it's like right?

The weather, accessibility for public transportation, local staple foods you name it.

One man who currently lives in NYC has made the decision to move to Sioux Falls and went to Reddit to ask for some good old South Dakota advice on what to expect.

Below is what he asked the Sioux Falls, South Dakota Reddit community:

Of course, the last sentence this man wrote allowed for some interpretation but some of the responses quoted below, couldn't be more accurate for life here in Sioux Falls and in South Dakota.

Mariescurie on Reddit said:

"Lastly the most important phrases you need to know:

Summer : "It's not the heat; it's the humidity! "

Every other season: " It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for that wind!""

Glass_Ear commented:

 "..the one piece of advice I'd give someone about Sioux Falls is, try the chislic."

Youreddit007  said:

"The wind and South Dakota does not blow, it sucks"

Spartan_Beginner commented:

"I was thinking once that you don’t see a lot of umbrellas when it rains around here. I blamed it on the fact that they don’t do us much good. The rain rarely comes straight down."

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