On Saturday, we got word the The Keg is coming back to Sioux Falls after closing their doors back in 2012. The news got people VERY excited for their broasted chicken and gizzards. It also got people talking about what restaurants that used to have stores here in Sioux Falls that they'd like to see come back.

It looks like we really miss a few chain restaurants like: TGIFridays, Schlotzky's, Chi Chi's and Hooters. There were also a lot of people remembering Happy Joe's Pizza, and of course, Gigglebees.

People also used the opportunity to start a 'wish list' of restaurants led by Golden Corral, Popeye's and Red Robin.

Here's what people had to say on Facebook. How about you? What restaurants would you like to see come back to Sioux Falls or open here for the first time?

Sioux Falls wants the following restaurants brought back:

Clifford Skopland I still miss big city burrito. But if they can't come back, I'd like a chipotle
Michelle Brown TGI Friday's! !
Melissa Mohr Coyote canyon
Mark Noordermeer Happy Joes Pizza and Dixie Bake.
Mark Wagner Happy Joes pizza and ice-cream parlor
Jay Ritter Green Mill
Connie Tibbetts Zuraff Shakeys pizza or Happy Joes pizza!!! Yum and it was so fun to go there
Joanna Lynn Schlotzsky's
Mark Pollard Heep Big Beef. King's Food Host. The Barrel.
Derrick Butler Hamburger inn
Shane Palmquist Gigglebees you silly goose
Paul Sieverding sirloin stockade
Chris Munkel schlotzsky's
Jamie Kalkman Acoustic!!!
Jeremy Thomas Brenners buffet!
Lisa Russell Spicy Pickle
Greg Ammon I fondly remember a place on Western Ave. called The Rib Shack, where we would take the kids to eat on Sunday after church. Since there's no chance of that coming back, I think we're big enough for a Cheesecake Factory now.
Angela Fiebelkorn Harvey Bennigans! And TGIFriday
Jason Berghorst Shakee's pizza
Pat Linton-Johnson Brenda's Bakery! They had the best cake donuts!!
Chellee Nemec Carlos o Kelly's and Fridays
Kristy Corey Schlotzsly's
Jack A. Goettsch Heap Big Beef - loved their "Stacked Ham" san!
Joanne Johnson Happy Joe's
Kim Smith Earl's pizza!! Square pieces of pizza and the best sausage!
Rich Blue IV Happy Joes pizza
Kellie Olson Ground round!
Cassie Osland Markley Nap's Bar-B-Q!
Andria Thibodeau Coyote Canyon
Shawn Williams Krispy Kreme, TGIFRIDAY'S, Golden Corral
Craig Cink Fridays, Carlos O Kelly, Keg, Hooters
Mark Heiman Hooters
Joseph Goodface Cici's pizza
Matthew Shelburg Schlotzsky's!!!
Todd Oppold Rentschlers
Gaylen Smith Runza
Kevin D. Uthe Naps would be GREAT
Gwen Van Surksum Jackmon Naps Alabama BBQ needs to come back
Darren Erlandson Dunkin Donuts or TGI Fridays
Charles Millage Carlos O'Kelleys
Linda Nasser The Lodge was really good.
Joey Nelson Shakey's pizza
Jennifer Strei Fatland Boston Market
Karla Widness Green Mill; The Lodge that was on 41st - it was fabulous!
Dan Davis Green Mill, Runza, & TGI Friday's.
Jim Mertz TGI Fridays and Happy Joes!
Amy Lynn Hanson Kruger TGI Fridays, Chi Chi's
Mary Nightingale La Fiesta
Sheila Kidd La fiesta
Elizabeth Smith Fridays. Chi chi's. Hooters.
Johnny Kahuna the old rib shack on south western ave...That was tru goodness...but I have to admit....the mobile rib shack fella...in also incredible !!
Angie Cramer Surdez Bonanza, golden corral, the old Walt n Mary's!
Ashton Hennings Boomers
Georgia Phillips Carlos O Kellys
Candra Knobloch Really miss TGI Fridays
Desiree Messenbrink Chi chi's
Sarah Peterson Long john silvers and krispy kreme
Crystal Medema Happy Joe's
Cheryl Holmes Carlos O Kellys
Dan Koska TGI Fridays!!!!
Darwin Allen Tgi fridays, long john silvers and la fiesta. Krispy kreme doughnuts are good but they killed off nearly all the little bakeries in town.
Janis Warrick Acoustic.
Bryan Feuerhelm Mister Donut
Cory Burrell North lander restaurant
Lori Lamberty Northlander, Earls pizza (every Friday night as a kid) and I doubt anyone else would remember, but the McKennan Cafe...best homemade ice cream I have ever/probably will ever have
Sherry Ford Well, for starters, I want Bennigans, TGIFs, and the Hamburger Inn to come back. And why did Long John Silvers have to leave? Marty and I had to go all the way to the cities to eat at Fridays. (we were there for a concert in Oct.) Just saying.
Alyssa Voeltz Chi chi's!
Judy Hansen Maresh Long John Silvers is a great place to eat especially during Lent
Bryan Serrano Hooters!
Mike Olson RAZZLES
Cindy RA Miner Cici's. The food wasn't the greatest but it wasn't very expensive the take large groups for events.
Stefanie May And Gigglebees
Bridget Lee La Fiesta
Linda Nasser The Sub Shop was my favorite of all time for sandwiches. Chi chi's was great mexican -the chips and queso were better than any we have now.
Ronelle Opland TGI FRIDAYS !
Bonnie Peterson Krispy kreme
Michael Styles TGI Friday's
Rickey Brandt Hooters
Brandie Barrett I miss Chi Chi's! This time some competent management might help to keep it open!
Pat McIntyre The Sub Shop. They were THE BEST. They closed because of Dixie bakery closing. The bread was the best.
Matt Harsh Walt and Mary's or the driftwood
Ryan Huck Jensen TGIF
Carol Robshaw TGIFridays
Pat Sieck Long John Silvers
James R Hamilton Schlotzsky's great sandwich and soup
Patti Hanson TGIFridays
Lindsay 'williams' Gruhlke Naps bbq
Darren Hokanson Champps
Ryan B. Carlos O Kelleys
Jessie Shamatt Hooters
Beth Erdahl La Fiesta, TGIFridays
Jeremy Fisher Naps bbq
Marjaana Bankowski La Fiesta!
Kerri Brandsgaard Amato Runza and Schlotzsky's.
Shannon Blom Hooters
James Oldenburg Friday's!!
Adam Salberg Chi chi's
Ashley Kaye Plimpton Hooters!!
Steve Sunde Hooters , buddy's crab shack
Ann Reisig Ground Round
Debbie Jensen Runza
Brian Gross Schlotzsky's
Dawn Hirsch Lunski Big City Burrito was the best!! I'm going to miss Sneaky's broasted potatoes when the keg takes over! And would love a Red Robin here!
Maria Murray Keogh TGiFridays
Marilyn DenOtter Chi-Chi's
Toby L Lang Carlos Kelly's, Fridays, and bonanza! And I can't believe that hooters never made it here.
Jim Myers NAP's Alabama BBQ, and Taco Bandido
Todd Burns Taco Bandito
Anne Fuehrer The original Upper Cut and Christi's ( located where Skelly's is now)
Duane McCoy boston market, liked barnards too. the supreme was tasty!
Jodi Hoyt Fridays!

And here's what listeners want to see come to Sioux Falls:

Lisa Heintz Popeyes or White Castle or In N Out Burger!!!!!
Thom Brude Popeye's
Roseann Burkett PF Changs
Michelle Tjossem-Freeman Popeyes
Cal Moriarty Red Robin. White Castle. In and out Burger
Collin Utterback Dave & Busters, Steak n Shake, Krispy Kreme, Bob Evans, Red Robin, Golden Corral, Boston Market, Chick-fil-A, Zaxby's
Jon Mulloy How about a real restaurant like the Northlander, the First Edition or the Lafayette?
Jana Cook We need Golden Corral, Dunkin donuts, and Joe's Crab Shack in SF!!!!
Jeff Hanson Chik Fil A!
Troy Duffy Popeye's
Justice Mehlhaff Golden Corral
Lori Valenti We need a rain forest cafe
David Fisher Golden Corral
Jarod Meader Popeyes and dunkin donuts (theyre coffee is amazing)
Chad Keifer Popeye's
Elizabeth Rahn Macaroni Grill
RoxAnn Andersen Popeyes!!
Zee Hoover Golden Corral, Dave and busters
David Juel Popeye's
Rosemary Yager red robin
Clark Muhlenkort Red Robin.
Susan Fahy Kermoade Its never been here before but my family & I want Fazolis!!!!
Kirsten Zambrano Taco cabana and Popeyes
Brandi Houg Fazoli's amigos
Billy Lurken Fazolis
Chris Cunningham Golden corral!
Caitlin Dajle Fazoli's!
Danny Korves White Castle 4 life!
Bob Nelson In and out burgers and Jack in the Box
Paula Sabers Cheesecake Factory ....... Chipotle ........ In N Out burger
Lisa Wicks Red Robin........yuummmmmmm!!!!!
Aj Poulos Popeys
Tabitha Womack-Rasmussen Jack n the box
Bryan Cordell Dunkin Donuts!
Christine Polk White castle
Stefanie May Red Robin
Tracy Nelson Cheesecake Factory, Chipolte, & Dave & Busters
Larry Lee Atwood Bob Evans & Waffle House. In & Out burgers too
Rickey Korthals Bonanza buffet
Roberta Widman-Patrick Red Robin. Golden Corral. In and Out Burgers PF Chang
Joseph Miller Golden Corral.
Steve Vaughan Cheesecake Factory
Stacy Walker Popeyes
Cassie Daniels Captain D's and krystals if we can't have a krystals then I guess we will have too settle for a whitecastle
Kalah Tooley Red Robin
Ronald Gorham Would like to see the Golden Corral come to Sioux Falls.
Paula Heinricy Red Robin
Rowena Johnson Golden Corral
Gary Domagala white castle, chipotle
Sharon Oolman Golden Corral
Brooklynn Marie Miller Dicks
Ruby Putnam White Castle
Beth Erdahl Golden Corral, Zorbaz & Joe's Crab Shack.
Greg Arens Golden corral
Cindy Ellefson Hennings In&Out Burgers.... Chipolte... PeiWei....
Michelle Gehrman Dunkin donuts!
Jill Kolsrud Blom Love me some Steak and Shake
Mari Crow Good Voice Golden Corral!!!!
Shakira Xslaughter popeyes...golden corral ...
Keri Palmquist VanderBeek Popeyes, Cheesecake Factory, Golden Corral,
Becca Warner Cheesecake Factory and chik-fil-a
Kim Scott Chik filet
Kiki Gordon Fazoli's!
Nathan Morgan Golden Corral
Jamie Nordin Golden Corral, White Castle, Fazolis, Krispy Kreme, Popeyes
Bill MacDonald Popeyes Chic-Fil-A
Alesha Hackett Red Robin, Cheesecake Factory, In & Out Burger
Nick Skinner popeyes and golden corral
Sharon Hook Popeyes and Golden Corral
Carolyn Corey Red Robin or Golden Corral
Heather Keenan Waffle House, Steak & Shake, Golden Corral, Cheesecake Factory
Piper Jaqua Chic-fil-a
Angel Ladin Standiford El Pollo Loco definitely!


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