I ran down to Beresford the other day to borrow coolers from a couple of buddies for my elk hunting trip.

One of them has a wife named Angela who listens to us in the morning and heard us talking a while back about trying different beers. She remembered Tasha saying she'd like to try Spotted Cow, a beer that you can only buy in Wisconsin.

Angela had some because her husband picked up a case while in America's Dairyland for work. She had Greg put one in the cooler for Tash. I got one too after asking.

The day we talked about trying craft brews on the show I was still very resistant to break out of my old ways. I recall a lot of people texting in that day about Spotted Cow and how good it was. Of course, I dismissed it at the time but when Greg told me about the gift Tash was getting I had to try it.

After being mocked into branching out that day, and finding a blandness in my beloved Coors Light after a summer of drinking nothing but Summer Shandy, I tried a few beers while out with my wife in August.

I learned that there are craft beers out there for me.

Had a Fernson's Lion's Paw and liked it. I had a similar beer to Summer Shandy at Blarney Stone and liked it, along with a few others.

I also learned I don't like beers with a heavy hop flavor. I like it to be there but I don't like it to be strong.

So how is Spotted Cow? It's really good. Craft beer sophisticates would insert adjectives at this point that I don't know or understand. But I can say that I can taste hops but it isn't heavy, but it has a moderate flavor that I have come to really enjoy.

Now I just need an excuse to go to Wisconsin to get some of the New Glarus Brewing Company's finest.

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