Dating someone and having friends that live in Minneapolis, I hear a lot about restaurants and bars up North. One place that was always talked about as a great place in Minneapolis and had great reviews across the board was Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub. I've heard so much about how good the burgers are and all about the 'famous' chicken sandwich! And, obviously, the beer is good too.

I finally got to try it for myself!

In Minneapolis, their restrictions for COVID are much different than here in Sioux Falls. Only outdoor dining with a reservation and we only had 90 minutes. All of it was totally worth it!

We decided to order a burger and the chicken sandwich and share it, so I could try both!

We ordered the Brew Day Burger and the Northern Fried Chicken Sandwich.

The Northern Fried Chicken Sandwich was even named one of the best chicken sandwiches by The Food Network. Pretty snazzy!

First the burger. I wanted to try something that had their house-cured bacon and it was delightful! Also, this burger had jalapenos for just a little bit of kick.

Now on to the 'famous' chicken sandwich. It was a huge piece of chicken! The Food Network review says it has a garlic aioli, but our version had one of the best honey mustards I've ever had! I love honey mustard so I've tried them all and this one was great on the sandwich and with the fries. Can I get a bucket of it somewhere?

As for our beverages, I was tempted to have their Bijou cocktail because it had absinthe in it and I was curious. However, I opted to try one of their beers instead. I had the Granola Girl, but most of my table really liked the 4 Stitches.

Northbound not only makes great food and beer but is also helping the planet! They have solar panels above their patio and are partnered with Forteva Solar. Northbound's website explains, "Northbound has understood that to be successful, you need to be part of the community. With the addition of solar energy by Forteva Solar, we have built on this philosophy...With about an 18% offset of our electrical usage, the solar system is definitely a positive addition to the business."

How cool is that?

Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub

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