When you saw a kid walking around with an orange mustache you knew they more than likely had ordered a happy meal in the last 24 hrs. And when they were asked what you would like to drink with that the kid said "orange drink"!

Didn't we all.

Looks like the orange mustaches will fade off into the sunset along with Hi-C Orange as it will no longer be part of McDonald's menu.

Of course you don't want to believe everything you read so I did some digging and it looks like the liquid rumor is legit.

I found this Huffington Post article explaining the McDonald decision:

According to a memo addressed to McDonald’s operators and managers that appeared on Imgur earlier this week, the fast food chain announced its U.S. locations are going to discontinue Hi-C Orange after May 1st. (The full official name of the drink is actually Hi-C Orange Lavaburst, which most of us probably didn’t know.)


Because of a new partnership with Coke, the beverage will be replaced with Sprite TropicBerry soda. A representative for McDonald’s conformed the news to the website Eat This Not That.

You can read the entire Huffington Post article here.

Ronald? Come on man I need a little more of a heads up to wrap my head around this.

I've been with you for a long time my friend you can't just up and take the Orange Drink from us like that.

We humans don't handle change well, and we need time to process a loss.

Maybe you could make it easier on us if you did a commercial campaign around what happened.

We could blame the Hamburgler for the disappearance of Orange Drink, I never trusted that guy anyway.

Then again maybe Grimace could be the fall guy, he seems like he could make a decision like that, but not you Ronald your too smart for removing the Drink.

Also I'm not sure the name of the new drink Sprite TropicBerry will roll of the tongues of five year old kids as easy as Orange did.

I'm sure I'll be fine in a week or two, but for now I'm going to go grab a gallon at a drive-thru and get that solid orange mustache one more time.

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