While rolling through Facebook this morning I came upon this little fake news (and by fake news I mean it is comedy) story from "America's Midwest Foreign Correspondent" Jeff Houghton.

Yes. Foreign. Because we might as well be another country to some people.

The video is mostly taking pot shots at coastal people and media who pay little attention to those of us living in live-under-the-fly-over-psychos states.

There are a few things in the video I loved. He mentions both East and West Dakota. States that I am sure have been mentioned by those who don't live in the Midwest.

"There is actually a diversity of people here and I'm told they actually choose to live here," Houghton says. Well yeah. Living near either coast sounds like punishment to me.

Trends used to be slow coming to us. But now we find out about cool stuff at the same time as everyone else, thanks to the Internet. Reminds me of a bartender in Arizona carding me during a college spring break trip in 1999 and being asked if we had Internet in South Dakota. I told them no but that their computer was built there as they punched in my order on a Gateway.

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