Just when Packer fans thought the paradise city of Green Bay Wisconsin couldn't get any better, title town comes to life with a new Title Town district.

This projected 34 acre, $130 million project will certainly dazzle both fan and foe of the Packers. Fans will be able to utilize the "Title Town" district all year long, both in and out of football season causing the majority of Packer fans to reconsider their current residential situation.

The Green Bay Packers organization and their fans have lived with nothing more than the iconic Lambeau field (which is just fine) in a small town that would otherwise seem non-existent without the team for many years.

Now in an ever changing and fast paced world this historical town will be looking very modern. It's a sign that the Green Bay Packers organization truly cares about their fans and is committed to change while still maintaining the history of Green Bay Wisconsin and Lambeau field.

As a packer fan myself this district can't be built fast enough. Packer paradise just became more like what I've always envisioned heaven to look like. Now comes the hardest part for all Packer fans...waiting. It sure will be a glorious addition to a glorious tradition.

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