I remember it as if it just happened. Well, quite literally a couple of days ago. Last Sunday will undoubtedly be the most hated day throughout the entire 2015/2016 NFL season for both Packer fans and fantasy owners alike.

In the early minutes of the Packers second preseason match-up against the Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the NFL's most talented and coveted receivers, Jordy Nelson tore the ACL in his left knee.

A seemingly debilitating blow for the Packers has left the entire football world wondering how the Green Bay offense will survive missing its top receiver who accounted for 34% of the total passing offense. It's safe to say that Rogers will certainly miss his favorite target of four years and the resulting performance that comes with him.

While it may look like the Green Bay offense is all but done for, in actuality there is still hope to salvage the situation.

Of course no one will be able to match the spectacular production of Jordy Nelson, and the Green Bay offense will sorely miss his 1,519 yards and 13 touchdowns from last season. Randall Cobb is certainly a huge threat, but not the deep threat that the Packers need, not to mention he is most productive while in the slot.

What will salvage this situation and keep the Packer passing attack afloat in Jordy's absence will be the play of second year receiver Davante Adams, among others. With similar height and build, Adams is the closest thing to matching the size of Nelson. While not as skilled in overall performance as Nelson, Davante Adams plays with good physicality and utilizes his build well which comes in handy for those jump ball and back shoulder fade passes.

It's not as if the Packers would be putting the trust of their deep threat in the hands of someone who has no clue of the offense. Adams was the third most targeted receiver last year with the third most receiving yards (446) and three touchdowns.

What Adams lacks in pure height he makes up for with his vertical. Adams posted a 39.5 inch vertical jump at the combine making him a very dangerous red zone option. As far as others that could fill that role I believe there isn't a competition. Adams has proven himself worthy of taking on the deep threat role, and I believe the job is his to win or lose.

It may just be the Packer fan in me lashing out for hope on this one, but I truly believe that while Nelsons production won't be matched, Adams will at the very least prove to be an adequate place holder until Nelson returns. This may be a big blow to the high powered Green Bay offense but with the improved running game, (compliments of Eddie Lacey) and good depth at the receiver’s position, I believe the Green Bay Packers are still the team to beat in the NFC.


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