An expansive, outdoor ice skating ribbon could be coming to the city of Sioux Falls in the near future, thanks to a hefty donation.

Local business owners, Garry and Dianne Jacobson are pledging a whopping $2 million towards the outdoor ice ribbon, along with an all-inclusive playground, located in the heart of the city's downtown.

According to Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Director, Don Kearney, the city has been floating the idea of having some sort of outdoor ice skating in the downtown area for a number of years. This generous donation will obviously bring them closer to that goal and could bring it faster than previously imagined.

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According to the presentation made by the city, as well as some of the mock-up art, the ice ribbon will compliment Falls Park West, winding its way through the park.

The all-inclusive playground would provide a safe place to play for all kids, including those with hearing and sight disabilities.

As both of these projects are still in their beginning stages, neither has been designed yet. However, the city did announce that once completed, the area in which the ice ribbon and playground would be located would be named Jacobson Plaza at Falls Park.

It was also announced that, along with the $2 million donations from the Jacobson's, the city of Sioux Falls would be matching with $2 million of its own budget.

For the full story and a look at some photos of the potential project, visit the Dakota News Now website.

Story Source: Dakota News Now

Story Source: Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation

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