Ok, so The Garden District in New Orleans is, much like the rest of the city, full of American history and home to many extravagant homes, but I was most excited to see Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies from American Horror Story: Coven and the first Real World: New Orleans house!

I'm a geek. I know. Get this? Those two houses are only a five-minute walk from each other! I was so excited!

First of all, to get to the Garden District we took the St. Charles Streetcar, which I learned is the oldest operating streetcar ever! It's been in service since 1835!

The St. Charles Streetcar will take you by Loyola and Tulane University. They are literally right next to each other.

The Garden District is also home to Lafayette Cemetery. Unfortunately, it was closed for repairs. Across from Lafayette Cemetery is Commander's Palace Restaurants, which is an upscale restaurant that has been open since 1880.

There are so many beautiful homes in this area. I was so jealous. There were also a ton of live oaks that I just found to be the most creepy and beautiful trees I've ever seen.

And all along with the trees, bushes, and fences in this area are beads! I took some beads from a bush. Is that weird?

Anyway, so the house that was featured on American Horror Story: Coven is called the Buckner Mansion. The show did film a lot of things on location in New Orleans and used this house for the exterior shots, but I guess the interior shots were recreated on a soundstage. Coven premiered in 2013.

The Real World: New Orleans debuted in 2000. There was a second season in New Orleans in 2010, but I didn't see that house. The 2000 cast was made up of Jamie Murray, Matt Smith, Melissa Howard, Kelley Limp, Danny Roberts, David Broom, and Julie Stoffer. Remember that season? Danny's boyfriend was in the Navy and this was during 'don't ask don't tell' so they had to blur his face. And Julie was a Mormon in New Orleans and she eventually got kicked out of the house!

The house from the 2000 season was known as the Belfort Mansion or the Hutchinson House.

It's had some renovations since 2000 so it didn't look familiar right away. But, it's the one!

When we stopped for lunch, the owner of the restaurant said that he actually owned a bar back in 2000 that the Real World cast went to quite a bit. He said they were actually a pretty good group of kids and he got along with them great. He even said that Julie, the one that got kicked out, actually stayed in New Orleans and has a family there now. Crazy, right?

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