I really like hunting. But I generally don't like hunting TV shows. If you've seen one you've seen them all. Especially if it is a show that focuses on whitetail deer.

Most hunting shows give you the same thing. Two minutes after the host starts whispering into a camera a deer is shot and all glory is given to God and a scent control product.

One hunting show I do like is Meateater. It is hosted by author Steven Rinella, whom I got to do a quick grip-n-grin with after he signed my book at Pheasant Fest last February. The best description of the show I can give is that it is a smart, adventurous, food-centric hunting show. While other shows make each episode about the kill, Meateater is about the journey and the food.

Rinella is an entertaining host and hunter on his television show. If you were to read his books or listen to his podcast, mediums that are better suited to long-winded hunting tales, you can get a better appreciation of the stories told on the show.

I got my son hooked on Meateater. Old episodes run on Sportsman Channel and there are two seasons on Netflix, which is what we sat down to the other day when I noticed a line of text under the title that got me pretty excited: "Season 7 Coming October 2."

Screenshot Netflix
Screenshot Netflix

Oddly this is the only promotion I have seen anywhere for the new season. Why this is I have no idea.

Every friend who has given it a try, hunter or not, has come away saying they enjoyed it a great deal. With maybe one or two exceptions, they all said the same thing about the show, that it was not what they expected and it was different.

If you're a foodie this is a show for you. There are several episodes devoted to just the cooking of wild game. While the thought of eating rabbit or squirrel may not sound as appealing as elk or venison, it's all in the preparation. I'm looking forward to at least trying some rabbit, probably in the form of hasenpfeffer.

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