Do you like the idea of camping, but don't really want to do the whole "roughing it" thing?  If that describes you, this new campground or "glampground" is for you!

Introducing North Shore Camping Company's Glamping experience on Minnesota's Lake Superior's coastline.

This new experience is located North of Duluth near Beaver Bay.  According to Bring Me the News:

The new destination, based in Beaver Bay, is being launched by Cove Point Lodge and describes itself as an "outdoor focused resort that embraces the Scandinavian concept of open air-air living.

These new camping destinations have everything you could need while you are hanging out in Minnesota's "great outdoors".  Each campsite comes with these amenities:

lanterns, flashlights, solar-powered electrical outlets, a stove and grilling equipment, kitchenware, firewood and a 5-gallon water dispenser.

There are also showers and restrooms available.  Plus, they provide some toiletries that you may need while you enjoy your stay.  Personally, I would just bring my own stuff for those things.  But that's just me.  I don't use the stuff that's provided in a hotel either... just seems cheap... but again, just my opinion.

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Campers can also wander on over to the Cove Point Lodge.  There you can take advantage of the pool, hot tub, and sauna.  If you are into a lot of outdoor activity, there are also options to go hiking, biking, and walking.  There are also some guided hikes that you can take, as well as some scavenger hunts that families might enjoy.

Basically, it sounds like a great "glamping staycation" for the whole family... or just a couple if you prefer.  Might be at least worth a try.  You can get all your information on cost and booking here.  They also have an open house scheduled for May 6th from 2-6 with the first reservations for camping beginning on May 12th.  More information on these events and more also on their Facebook page.  

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