I've watched enough Shark Tank to know a good business model needs to solve a consumer issue.

Adam Long designed his company 605 Signs to meed a need, and do so much more.

605 Signs has a business plan that includes helping Veterans, and other people in the community.

605 Signs offers portable signs to catch the eye of customers with your business advertisements.

The inmates from the SD Penitentiary with Metal Craft Industries, and a group of disabled Veterans made the signs and letters.

Meet Adam Long owner of 605 Signs:

I just recently retired from the military and now I am focused on what I am going to be when I grow up. I am certain of one thing, I want to continue serving and helping people. There is a huge need for flexible employment with our disabled Veterans. I plan to create a positive work environment that has extremely flexible hours and hire as many as the business needs. I hope to step back soon allowing these Veterans to have a purpose and work hard running the business.

605 Signs is also finding ways to partner with other Veteran focused businesses.

The 605 Signs sandbags came from Veteran owned and operated company The Sandbag Store.

For more on 605 Signs check out their Facebook, the 605 Sign website.

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