I know Mr. Rogers loved his neighbors and asked, "Won't you be my neighbor?" in every episode, but sometimes neighbors suck. (Also, I really want to see that Mr. Rogers movie that is out right now.)

One of my favorite internet celebrities is Matt Bellassai and his "To Be Honest" series formerly known as "Whine About It."

This week he did a video about why neighbors are the worst and I had some thoughts. I agree with some of what he said and couldn't have said it any better myself. Also, they don't let us get drunk at work (annoying) so his video is better than anything I could do anyway.

Here were my thoughts while watching his rant:

  • Just yesterday someone was cooking bacon and it smelled delicious. I was only mad because I wanted some and didn't have any of my own.
  • Sometimes I hear dogs barking non-stop. I'm not mad at the dog, I just know it's lonely and needs a snuggle.
  • Did he just say Harry Potter marathon? Did we just become best friends?
  • I don't purposely look in people's windows, but I always find it awkward when the first floor tenants leave their windows open when they face the parking lot because then when I'm walking in I have their apartment in plain sight, but I know it's weird to stare, but I want to so bad.

Some bad neighbor stories I've encountered, but were not really mentioned in his rant include:

I once had a neighbor who I could hear yelling, almost like an argument, but I never heard another voice. Was he on the phone? Was he mad at a video game? Was he just nuts? We will never know. The same guy had cops knock on his door a couple times. Good times.

One person on my hall would put their trash in the hallway outside their door and it would sit there for days. I understand putting it there so you don't forget it on your way out, but don't leave it there for days!!!

Then there are the people that don't close the gate around the dumpster. Then the door flings around in the wind and hits people's cars. Rude! It's not hard! Just close the gate!

I do have a couple good neighbors though, too! The kind of neighbors who go out of town and forgot to cancel their Blue Apron delivery so you get their food! Thanks Colette!

I also had a neighbor help jump start my car once! Thanks, guy that I don't know your name!

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