From food truck to restaurant. That's how Lawrence West did it. HIs unique Native American recipes were only available from his food truck - until now. there's a definite buzz about his food and it was a popular truck to dine from in Sioux Falls.

According to Dakota News Now, his food truck became popular very quickly. In fact, only a year and business is booming. Now the next logical step is to create a dine-at facility.

Welcome to Sioux Falls, Watecha Bowl.

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The new brick-and-mortar location is now open on West Madison Street that features no indoor dining but comfortable outdoor seating. That keeps the vibe of the food truck theme going. They also have curbside and delivery options.

“You just soak up recipes and different things you like, and then you add things you know you like.”

It doesn't sound like this is the end of growing his business, either. He has ambitious dreams of opening Watecha Bowl restaurants across America. We love dreams. Go get 'em, Lawrence! We can't wait to visit.

Oh, and the food truck? Don't worry. It's still out there. Watecha Bowl’s food truck can be found at 10th and Bahnson Avenue beginning May 1, in the Gift and Thrift parking lot.

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