Happy National Relaxation Day!!

I know it's hard to celebrate a holiday about relaxing when it's a weekday and most of us have to work, but I have a few ideas!

Personally, I'm getting a manicure and pedicure today. Treat yo' self!

Might I also suggest taking a nap. I took one yesterday and it was amazing! Or maybe read a book! A literary escape is so nice sometimes. Or have your favorite cocktail!

But Mental Floss had a few suggestions that were actually based on research and science and stuff.

  • Eating a banana! I have a banana almost every day. Sometimes two! Potassium helps regulate your blood pressure which will help keep you calm
  • Give yourself a hand massage. I know that sounds kind of dirty, but massages help release endorphins. A hand massage is especially nice if you work on a keyboard or mouse all day.
  • Mow the lawn. Personally, that does not sound relaxing, it sounds like work. Also, my allergies would go crazy, so no thanks, I'll pass. But, science shows that the smell of fresh cut grass has a specific chemical in it that makes people happy and feel relaxed.
  • Avoid screens, especially before bed. Studies have shown that people who use their phones or watch TV before bed are more stressed than people who don't. Also, the artificial light blocks production of  melatonin.
  • Listen to music. Studies show that classical music is the best, but really any music you like helps by relaxing you and lowering blood pressure. May I suggest Today's Hottest Music on Hot 104.7 😉

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