Sunday night there was bad weather rolling through the area. It was also the night of the 'Once Upon A Time' season finale, which Tasha loves so very much. KSFY's Shawn Cable came on to tell people about the impending tornado that was near people and property, like he should have, when the end of the show was about to air.

Predictably, people went bananas on KSFY for cutting in to the end of the show. So on Tuesday morning, after receiving many calls, emails, messages of all kinds, morning co-anchor Nancy Naeve went off on the people who were going off.

I'm glad she said what she said. Getting the information out about severe weather is more important than playing the last segment of a fictional TV show. If 'The Walking Dead' was on ABC and KSFY cut in during the season finale, I'd be frustrated as could be. But I would understand. I certainly wouldn't call and yell at someone who was doing their job. That would be like yelling at a cop who is blocking traffic so an ambulance could come to a car accident because you're going to be late for a birthday party.

If I was on the receiving end of those calls I would have just hung up on them.

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