Comic-Con is going on in San Diego right now and over the weekend a ton of new movie trailers and goodies popped up online.

Here are the few that I am most excited about.

1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

This is of course a continuation of the Harry Potter universe and at first I wasn't that excited that a movie was coming out. But this trailer looks very interesting. I am a Harry Potter fan, but I'm not A HARRY POTTER FAN so I didn't read this book. However, this trailer has me intrigued. I just might pick it up. Plus, I really like Eddie Redmayne.

2. Wonder Woman

I will fully admit that I am not a comic book person, therefore not that into comic book movies, but Wonder Woman is awesome. The only reason I went to Batman v. Superman was because it was the first appearance of Wonder Woman! #Feminism #GirlPower

3. Once Upon A Time

One of my all time favorite shoes is finally doing an Aladdin storyline! It is about time. However, I am a little bummed that Naveen Andrews is not reprising his role as Jafar from Once Upon A Time in Wonderland but I suppose I'll get over it.


4. Legends of the Hidden Temple

This game show was awesome back in the 90s! Purple Parrots for life! I remember getting off the bus from school and rushing inside to watch it. Now, I'm not sure how a movie totally makes sense, but I'm probably going to tune in. Plus, the original host is back! I bet he's happy for the paycheck. I know I'm 30 now, but that's not too old to watch Nickelodeon, is it?