We were introduced to a new bunch of dancers last night and I have some thoughts.

To remind ourselves about Group A, click here.

Group B is made up of Sloth, Ice Cube, Zebra, Cotton Candy, and Moth.

Sloth- I already hate him because, well, he chose a Sloth for his costume and I hate sloths. However, the clue package and dancing had me thinking maybe John Stamos. He started slow but was actually a pretty good dancer. There seemed to be clues referencing Glee, doctor stuff, and Broadway. John Stamos was a guest star on Glee, played a doctor on ER, and has been on Broadway. His one-word clue seemed to have an accent so I thought maybe Antonio Banderas or Ricky Martin, but that could have been a fake accent to throw us off.

Ice Cube- I was stumped. Could it literally be the rapper, Ice Cube? Nah. His one-word clue was '90's Icon' and the body type seemed similar to Macaulay Culkin, but nothing in the clue package made sense. One of the panelists guessed Bill Nye. That could be.

Zebra- There was a hot dog clue and a bunch of teen pop music lyric references. So, at first, I thought maybe Joey Fatone. He was in NSYNC and he owns a hot dog restaurant now. But, he did a salsa number so maybe Howie Dorough from Backstreet Boys because he was the 'Latin Lover' of the group. But the one-word clue of 'Comeback' doesn't really make sense. Hmmmm.

Cotton Candy- This girl was amazing! She did a bunch of aerial work and even came back after a hard fall. Just body type, without seeing a clue package or voice clue, I thought Lindsey Stirling. However, the clues don't really make sense. Then I thought, maybe a figure skater, not sure which one though. I'll just throw out Sasha Cohen. Why not?

Moth- After the clue about a scandal with the president all I could think was Monica Lewinsky. Then I thought maybe Stormy Daniels. However, I think Paula Abdul's guess of Marla Maples could also make sense.

In the end, Ice Cube got the fewest votes and was unmasked.

Ice Cube turned out to be none other than....Bill Nye! He really was a 90's Icon and I should have recognized those dance moves from his stint on Dancing With the Stars.

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