Summer TV is usually pretty bad. All the 'good' shows are on a break for the Summer and we are stuck with what is left over.

However, I have a few TV shows that only air in the Summer and that is OK with me.

So You Think You Can Dance will air its 15th season on FOX this Summer! I have loved this show since I started watching it in season two! I started watching it, looking forward to t

he hip-hop dances, but ended up falling in love with contemporary dance! Plus, obviously, I love all the tappers that have ever been on that show!

World of Dance started its second season on NBC this Summer and they are not playing! The dancing has elevated so much since season one. I was blown away by the first episode. Jennifer Lopez does not attach her name and face to anything that isn't awesome. Besides maybe Gigli.

Below Deck is a reality show about people that work on charter yachts and I find it fascinating. It's on Bravo and has been around for five seasons. The spin-off Below Deck Mediterranean has had three seasons. It's a rotating cast of characters, but a few of the yachties keep coming back for more.

Botched is on E! Network and it's more than just a plastic surgery show. Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow are plastic surgeons that help fix past bad surgeries. Some of these botched surgeries were purely out of vanity, but some were do to diseases, cancer, car accidents, etc. They really are giving people their lives back! If I were to ever get plastic surgery, I want them to do it!

The Bold Type on Freeform comes back in June. It's sort of like Sex and the City meets The Devil Wears Prada meets Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Does that make sense? It's about three girls in their twenties, working at a magazine in NYC! They are trying to balance career, relationships, friendships, finances, etc.

Younger is back on TV Land and it's about a newly divorced 40 something who gets mistaken for a girl in her 20s and gets a job in publishing and she just kind of doesn't tell anyone the truth, for awhile. However, this is the fourth season so by now some people know. There's a love triangle and Hilary Duff.

Orange is the New Black is back on Netflix in July and I can't wait!!! Spoiler Alert: Last season the inmates took over for a few days, but now there are going to be some consequences and nobody knows if our favorite characters will stay together or be torn apart or what is going on?!?!?!

Shades of Blue is back for its final season on NBC this Summer. Again, Jennifer Lopez doesn't do anything that I don't like. Such a twisty, turvy cop drama. How will it end? At this point everybody is dirty, but who will get away with it? Did they do bad things for a good reason?

And lastly, have some lighthearted fun with ABC's game shows! Celebrity Family Feud, To Tell the Truth, $100,000 Pyramid, and Match Game all have new episodes on the way. I'm a sucker for game shows!

And if none of those recommendations float your boat, there is always 15 seasons of ER on Hulu!

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