I'm not too crazy about most things. I'm not laid back about much either. But one thing I am completely bat crap crazy about is pepper.

If there is a food that has no spice to it, like your average hotdish, a baked potato, spaghetti, almost everything, I will put fresh ground pepper on it.

The pepper I like, preferably, is the blended peppercorn with red and green and yellow and white and black. All black pepper is ok, but I prefer a nice even blend. Most of the blended peppercorn in grocery stores is usually just black with a few of the other colors thrown in.

Peppercorn in the stores is also impossible to get without a built in grinder on the top of the container. This really frustrates me because I also have the big tall wooden pepper grinder like you see in restaurants. Those are nice! The built in grinders are junk. You can't adjust how fine or coarse you grind the pepper. Like soup would get a coarse grind, while pasta or my ham sandwich would get a very fine grind of pepper.

Now is the moment I realize I really am crazy about pepper. If you've got a weird little food obsession, comment below or text us at 605-215-1047.

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