This week on The Masked Singer we heard from Group A once again.

However, this week they threw in a new wildcard: Pepper.

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Skunk was back and I'm sticking with my guess of Faith Evans.

Bull was also back and I'm doubling down on Todrick Hall.

Hamster is still a bit of mystery. Hamster performed another Elvis-style song so I'm still leaning towards John Stamos. However, in the clue package, they mentioned getting famous with their friends overnight so I thought maybe it was someone from Jersey Shore, but that singing voice is actually good. Who is it?

Baby sang a jazzed-up version of The Flintstone theme song and left me even more confused. What even is this show?

Then we got a new wildcard thrown into the mix. Pepper!

Pepper is Natasha Bedingfield. No doubt about it. We have the same first name so I can just sense it!

In the end, Baby was unmasked and I was relieved because it is driving me crazy! Who is Baby?

Well, it was Larry the Cable Guy! What?!?! He's actually a great singer!

This show really keeps you guessing.

Seeya next week!

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