When I was in North Dakota last week I could really see some similarities between Fargo and Sioux Falls.

One of the biggest similarities was their downtown area. It was very reminiscent of Sioux Falls eclectic downtown scene full of shops, restaurants, and fun things to do. But most importantly food!

We started the day at Sandy's Donuts! This place was busy and had a line the whole time we were there, but that line moves fast. Which also made me nervous because there were so many different donut concoctions to pick from and I was indecisive and didn't want to hold up the line.

I was only going to get one, but heck, I got two! I got a peanut butter cup donut and a cookie dough donut! Both delicious!

Then we went to Spicy Pie! This is a pizza restaurant that does whole pizzas or pizza by the slice. You can get any pizza by the slice: a specialty pizza or you could build your own. That is one thing I wish Sioux Falls had more of, pizza places that you can get pizza by the slice.

However, Spicy Pie's slices could probably be considered a small pizza. They were pretty big! And again, I was only going to get one, but heck, I got two! I tried the taco pizza and the breakfast pizza. I had to cover all the meals of the day.

Then, before we headed out of town, we needed a caffeine fix. We stopped by Moxie Java. The friend I was visiting has lived in Fargo for a while. She said I had to try their signature drink, the Milkee Way. It is made with steamed chocolate milk. Very fancy! And very delicious! I opted for the iced option while she got the hot!

All of these places were within a two block radius! What more could a foodie want?

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