I hadn't been to an event this formal since my Senior Prom. April 21st was the American Cancer Society Magic of Hope event. A friend of mine invited me to go and I enjoy getting dressed up once in awhile so I went.

I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it was a fundraiser and formal attire, but other than that, I wasn't sure.

There was a great food spread, live and silent auction, casino games, a live band, dancers, a photo booth, and a huge cupcake table!

With my 'money' that I received to gamble with, I decided to try my hand at Plinko! It had a long line, but it was worth it! I didn't do very well at Plinko, but it was fun!

I also bought a necklace to play the heads or tails game. You have to put your hands on your head or your tail depending on what you think the coin flip will land on. For each one you get wrong, you have to take off your necklace. I only had one necklace so I lost on the second round.

I ran into a few friends there and made some new ones! It was a really fun event!

American Cancer Society Magic of Hope

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