I've lived in Sioux Falls since the Fall of '09 so you would think by now I would have done everything there is to do. Not true.

I had never been to the St. Patrick's Day Parade so I made it a point to go this year.

The parade seemed very long to me, not that that is bad, I just didn't wear very warm shoes so my feet got very cold. Also, I think the length of the parade was due to it being an election year. Take all the floats out that had a 'Vote For Me' theme and it wouldn't have been so long.

Also, I was not aware of all the after parade festivities downtown, specifically at the Holiday Inn. I knew for the Parade of Lights, there were cookies and pictures with Santa at the Holiday Inn, but St. Patty had some fun stuff going on too.

After the parade there were performances from the Shrine drummers and Celtic Steps.

Then, later that night, Goodroad performed. It was a fun filled evening!

Also, the bar was stocked with beverages and there was food for purchase.

It was a fun day for sure. Sláinte!!

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