You guys! It finally happened! The State Theatre in downtown Sioux Falls is up and running!

Last weekend the theatre opened with showings of White Christmas, Home Alone, It's A Wonderful Life and Cinema Paradiso.

The selling of tickets with reserved seating is done in a way to be socially distant, which really limits the number of tickets that can be sold. A lot of the movies sold out fast!

I was lucky enough to score tickets to a Sunday showing of Cinema Paradiso. I had never heard of it, but after reading about all of its accolades and watching the trailer, I thought it looked pretty good.

The movie is in Italian so there were subtitles, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Masks are required in the State Theatre unless you are eating and drinking.

Speaking of eating and drinking, these concessions are no joke! Besides soda and sparkling waters, there is beer and wine! I had a Queen Bee while enjoying the movie. We shared a large popcorn and were informed that they use real butter! No imitation stuff at The State Theatre.

There were seasoned pretzels, candy, and of course popcorn. They even have chocolate-covered gummy bears for those of you that just can't decide between a fruit or chocolate candy. The best of both worlds.

Inside the theatre are the comfiest chairs that recline and have footrests! They were almost too comfortable. If you're prone to falling asleep during movies, these chairs could be trouble.

When you first enter the theatre, you are almost overwhelmed by the beauty of the stencil work and beautiful colors.

We came early and I'm glad we did because I just kept looking around and taking in all the beautiful details. Even the bathrooms were pretty!

It's so great that this piece of Sioux Falls history is finally done!

Keep checking The State Theatre's official website for updates on movie showings and to buy tickets.

I'm excited to go back to see Love Actually. (That is if I remain symptom-free by then.)

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