Most people were surprised when I told them I had never been in a limo. But it was the truth. So when a friend of mine decided to get a limo for her birthday, I jumped at the chance to be a part of it!

Our limo driver's name was Dustin. He was a quiet fella, but then again with ten drunk women, it was probably hard to get a word in. I wanted to ask, but didn't, what does he do while he waits for the guests? Play a game on his phone, or take a nap, or read a book?

I don't know what I was expecting from the limo, but it was just ok.

In the movies, limos have TVs and refrigerators. Ours did not.

You could tell it was a limo made for carrying a lot of people. One whole side was a big bench seat. Obviously, with the big seat there was no room for a TV or refrigerator.

However, there were fancy lights and a mirror roof and a compartment for ice!

Our limo didn't have a hole in the ceiling either. However, even if it did, I don't think with negative temperatures I would have hung out the top of the car.

However, it was nice to have someone to drop us off right at the door, especially since it was so cold! No walking to and from your car or looking for a parking spot downtown. So basically, I just need a chauffeur. Maybe someday.

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