I love a good montage! Especially an Olympic sports montage!

The last montage that closed out the PyeongChang Winter Olympics seriously brought a tear to my eye. I legit had a couple tears go down my cheek. NBC does not play around.

And even though the Olympics take over my life and ruin my sleep schedule, I always miss them when they're gone. I love it so much.

Team USA didn't have the best showing at this Olympics, but we still have plenty to celebrate and to be proud of!

Here are my favorite Olympic moments!

  • The Canadian Ice Dance team! Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir!!!! I love them! Their free skate to the Moulin Rouge medley had me right away! No offense to Team USA's ice dancers, I mean they were good too, but Canada definitely deserved the gold!
  • Anything having to do with Adam Rippon! He's sassy, he's matter of fact, he says what's on his mind, he looks good in sequins, he has great eyebrows, he gave some of the best interviews, and his social media is fun to follow! We will definitely see more of him in some capacity!
  • Nathan frickin Chen doing six quads in the long program of the Men's Figure Skating competition. Team USA's Nathan Chen was the odds on favorite to win gold at this Olympics. He has revolutionized the sport by being so good at quads. Doing jumps no one else can do and then he choked! He choked in the team competition and the short program of the men's competition. But then, he pulls out one epic performance to put himself back in the game! He only planned five quads, but he attempted six!! He messed up on one, but who cares! Nathan redeemed himself! He didn't medal, but we will most likely see him again in four years!
  • Cross country skiing was actually fun to watch! I don't give two craps about cross country skiing but dang Jessie Diggins made it fun! That historic gold medal finish in the team competition was amazing! Honestly, the announcer should get a prize too because he's part of the reason it was so great!
  • Shaun White coming back for redemption to get his third gold medal! Pretty amazing! I feel like I've grown up with him. I know he's had a sketchy past with that whole lawsuit thing, but I'm hoping he's grown up a lot in the last couple years and has learned his lesson.
  • Leslie Jones commentary on Twitter! She is my Olympic spirit animal!
  • The USA women make history with gold medal win over Canada in Olympic hockey! That shootout was intense! (I only know what a deke is because of Mighty Ducks.)
  • Team USA men's curling wins gold! Total under dogs and no one saw it coming!

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