Obviously, Halloween as a kid was fun because you got to dress up and get a bunch of free candy.

However, I have found that I almost like Halloween more as an adult. No offense to my parents, but I usually just got whatever costume was left at Walmart three days before Halloween. Whereas, as an adult, I plan my costume way in advance and make it awesome!

Speaking of which, I started planning for this Halloween back in August. I needed something to look forward to in 2020. Even if I just wear it and walk up and down the street in my very own personal Halloween parade. At this point in time, I am not ready to reveal what my costume is for this year. You will just have to wait until Halloween for the grand debut. I will say it is a couple's costume and it may be something that not everybody will get, but the ones that do get it will appreciate it.

Below, I have compiled a few of my favorite costumes over the last few years. Which is your favorite? Do you have a favorite Halloween costume?

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