I hit up Science Nutrition in Sioux Falls for many reasons. I pick up Chef to Plate meals weekly because I want to eat food that tastes good even when I don't have time to cook.

I am also sightly addicted to the Peanut Butter Protein Balls, and enjoy the conversations with the staff.

Like the one I had yesterday when I stopped in, and Joel wanted to show me the monster sized wild hog he got 30 miles outside of Vernon, Texas.

At first glance I noticed the beast is bigger than my friend. The hog looked more comparable to a vehicle than an animal.

I had the usual is that thing real! reaction.

It didn't appear to have the usual trademark tell tale signs of a Photoshop trick shot.

The hog does appear to be a giant not so much because of genetics, but all because of a great camera angle.

Here is a picture of the hog with a more realistic angle. Still impressive weighing in around 250 lbs, and more like the size of a grown man than an SUV.

boar and hunter
Photo by Robert Partridge

There is no no shortage of these wild hogs, and the damage they do according to Smithsonian Mag:

Wild hogs are among the most destructive and evasive species in the United States today. Two million to six million of the animals are wreaking havoc in at least 39 states and four Canadian provinces; half are in Texas, where they do some $400,000 million in damages annually.

You can read the entire Smithsonian Mag article here.

These pictures obviously are not some hunters hoax, but just some guys messing with their friends.

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