I love most things made with potatoes. At the top of that list is hash browns. On Saturday morning I had time enough to make my favorite breakfast of a cheese omelette on a bed of hash browns. Since I'm not a master chef sometimes I blow it. Or burn it, to be more accurate.

This past Saturday I got it just right. The omelette and hash browns were cooked just the way I like them. The eggs perfectly cooked without excessive browning or burning and the hash browns crispy on the outside and thoroughly cooked but soft on the the inside.

I hate cooking shows. I don't find them interesting. I don't think they shouldn't exist. Obviously a huge amount of people enjoy them. I am just not one of them.

With mild hypocrisy I will admit to watching 3 minute YouTube how-to cooking videos if it's something I'm actually interested in making.

Gordon Ramsay posted a video showing how to make baked eggs and hash browns. I like eggs and hash browns so I swallowed my pride and watched. It wasn't very long.

I don't cook hash browns exactly like he does in the video. I cook them in a wide batch filling the bottom of the pan from side to side, but I have issues flipping them so I get them cooked unevenly sometimes. What Ramsay would have chewed me out and made me feel stupid for was a simple technique that I can't believe I never thought of before. Flip them from the pan onto a plate, then from the plate back to the pan.

You can watch Ramsay's video for his recipe, it looked pretty cool. Here's my jam:

  • Frozen hash browns
  • Eggs
  • Shredded colby jack cheese
  • Olive oil

Heat up the pan for hash browns and the eggs at the same time. Hash browns on med-high (5.5 on my stove) and the eggs on med-low heat (4 on my stove).

Mix 3 eggs with a splash of milk and some ground pepper. I use a pepper grinder.

Once the pan is hot add olive oil to the pan and let it heat up for a bit. Then add the hash browns in a layer that covers the bottom of the pan. Cover the pan and let them cook.

When the hash browns are almost ready to flip I spray the egg pan with cooking spray and pour in the egg mixture. Then I cover that as well.

Flip the hash browns with a plate, then flip the eggs once there isn't runny liquid on top. Then add as much shredded cheese as you would like. Cook until the cheese is melted.

Add a cup of coffee in a proper, big handled mug and you have my favorite Saturday morning breakfast, or Tuesday evening supper.

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