It was an HBO free preview weekend last weekend so I DVR'd a bunch of movies. One of which was Neighbors 2. Seth Rogen is in this movie and as I'm watching it, I realize, "Whoa! He really looks like my brother."

Technically, Seth is older, so I guess my brother looks like him, but you know what I mean.

Seth Rogen is much older than my brother, so I'm pretty sure they're not actually the same person, but I mean, they haven't ever been seen in the same room. Curious.

They have the same build, but they really only look alike when they are both wearing a hat and glasses. Otherwise, not so much.

However, they both have unique laughs that can sometimes be annoying. So they have that in common too.

But that is about where the similarities end. Seth is 36, my brother is 27. Seth is Jewish, my brother is not. Seth is super rich, my brother is not.

But if Seth ever needs a body double, I know a guy! *wink wink*

When I showed my brother the picture he said he usually gets told he looks like Jack Black, but he can see the Seth Rogen thing too.

P.S. My brother's name is Taylor, in case you were wondering.

P.S.S. I have also been told that my brother looks like Andy. Eh. Maybe.

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