You guys, the worst thing that could possibly have happened, happened to me. My new-to-me car has a scratch on it!!!

For those of you that follow my every move, you know that I had a car accident last Summer, which forced me into a buying a new-to-me car. I upgraded from a 2005 model to a 2013. Baller status.

Anyway, I haven't even had the car for a year and it has a scratch!!

My car, like most in the area, has been a bit dirty lately due to the snow melting so I didn't notice until the other day. I was leaving the gym and I thought I saw something on my car, so I wiped my hand over it, thinking it was just some grime. Nope. It is a scratch!

I have no idea when this travesty occurred! It could have been that day or a month ago!

I am so distraught over this.

Ok, so it really isn't that big of a deal. But it is a bummer that I didn't even have it for a whole year before it was injured. Looking on the bright side, at least the scratch isn't a different color. It could have left a black or red or green mark. So, there's that.

And for those of you wondering, I did not hit anything. Someone or something scraped my car!

Also, yes, I know my car is dirty. I'm hoping to get it washed soon.

Thank you for your concern.

Natasha/Hot 104.7
Natasha/Hot 104.7

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