I posted some pics of me riding my fat tire mountain bike on the Sioux Falls bike trail on Friday night. They caught the attention of a member of FAST, the Falls Area SingleTrack.

Never heard of it.

He also told me about the trails they maintain at Leaders Park.

Never heard of it.

Of course I was interested because it looked like something fun, at least in two dimensions. I went down there on Monday to check it out. It's nestled in at the intersection of I-229 and 6th Street. It was fun, but holy crap was it challenging. I will say for sure in all caps HELMETS REQUIRED. I would also say you're aren't dumb if you wear pants with built in knee pads.

The video might nauseate you because I mounted the GoPro to the handlebars and not my head. I highly recommend riding here, but please know that this is not the regular bike trail. It has easier routes, but it's still not a paved bike trail with lots of space and, just like a ski mountain, newbs should stay away from the black runs to start. Check out the video for a preview.

I would also caution that the sturdiness of your bike will also be challenged. It should be in good repair and you better have good tires and brakes. There were a few areas, when struggling on a black run, that my back wheel was locked by the brake and I was still skidding down the hill.

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