Money can be spent on lots of different things. Necessities of life and frivolous luxuries all drain our bank accounts. One person's necessity is another's a wasteful luxury.

It can be both in some instances. Coffee is an absolute necessity of life. I brew mine at home for a cost of about 28 cents per travel mug. That provides the coffee for me and my wife every day for about a week. But a barista-made coffee full of non-fat, gluten-free, extra sugar syrup, double shot goodness usually costs $4 or more for just one. I would call that a waste. But then again, to each their own.

We asked South Dakotans what they think is a waste of money. Here is what they said.

Most Popular Things South Dakotans Waste Money On

Other things people mentioned included:

  • Hobby lobby decor. My wife gets new ones every year and never uses the old ones!
  • Spending billions on sending civilians into space. How about we put that money towards organizations that help the less fortunate. Or any other type of food that could come from that money.
  • Weight loss shakes, big waste.
  • Period products!!!! They should be free!! I didn't ask for this!

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