Super Bowl 54 is coming up this Sunday, February 2nd. The National Conference champion San Francisco 49ers will take on the American Conference champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Super Bowl Sunday isn't only about the game. It's about entertainment, commercials, get-togethers, and of course the food! So which Big Game foods do you look forward to most? At most Super Bowl parties in South Dakota you'll find chips, wings, pizza, and other great stuff. And it appears the rest of the nation has a similar palate when it comes to their go-to game day snacks. did a survey and asked people who plan to watch the Super Bowl what football foods they like to have at their game day party.

Most popular Big Game Foods:

1.  Chips and dip.
2.  Wings, 36%.
3.  Pizza, 35%.
4.  Nachos, 29%.
5.  Cheese and crackers, 20%.
6.  Cookies, 18%.
7.  Burgers, 17%.
8.  Meatballs, 12%.
9.  Tacos, 12%.
10.  Ice cream, 12%.

Most Popular Big Game Beverages:

1. Soda
2. Beer
3. Iced Tea
4. Wine
5. Whiskey

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