The morning in my opinion is the most important part of the day. It sets up how you will feel for the rest of your day well into the evening hours. Now I know some people aren't what you call a 'morning person' but even if you are a night owl some of these habits will make whatever time you get up a little bit easier.

1) Wake up earlier then you need to. Waking up earlier will allow you to get ready at a slower pace. You could listen to music and make some coffee while walking around your home and know that you'll still make it to work on time even if you get suck in traffic along the way.

2) Simile or think of something positive when you first wake up. Waking up on a Friday or Saturday morning is already great but how about the other five days of the week? I like to think of something that makes me happy like my hobbies or the feeling of a productive day ahead that I will tackle.

3) Make the bed you sleep in. Now I still have a hard time with this one but think of it as if I do this now it will be great to climb into this nicely made bed when I go to bed tonight. Also, it makes your room look a little more put together.

4) Do some stretching. Now people think they always need to have an intense work out in the morning to get their blood flowing but that isn't the only form of movement that is great for your body. Stretching can help release tension that you may have from bad posture or from sleeping in a weird position. Either way, this can really help you feel energized and less stiff for your day.

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