This is kind of awesome, and if you have ever received any sort of apology through text message or a note, you may feel like "why didn't I think of this"? That is, depending on where your relationship ended up after said apology for cheating.

This girl, who I can only assume is a Vikings fan based on her choice of sweatshirt, goes by the name JAX.  Real name Jackie. She is an American Idol alum and does have a song that is played on the radio in some places but mostly is known for singing parody tunes on TikTok.  The girl in the background playing the violin on this TikTok video is musician Lindsey Stirling.

@JAXwritessongs on TikTok
@JAXwritessongs on TikTok

Apparently, this text message situation happened a couple of years ago but has just now been made into this dramatic reading. Is it genuine? Jax told Insider that most of it is...

She had to shuffle a few words around to make it all sound better and to help the piece come together, but otherwise, everything is genuine.

“When writing, you kind of always take artistic license to make it work, really just a word here and there. But the song is really pretty close to the actual,” 

If you want to watch the entire video... including "I love you SO MUCH MORE than Emily" you can see it below.  It's pretty funny.  And seriously, if you've even been in this situation you might be thinking "I wish I would have thought of this".  Or maybe that's just me.

@jaxwritessongs Adding sad violins to my ex’s bs apology text featuring the incredible @lindseystirling ❤️. #fypシ#foryou#xyzbca♬ original sound - Jax

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