In 1902, this St. Louis, Missouri school was built featuring unique architectural designs. Now, almost 120 years later, it sits in decay with only shadows of what it used to be.

It really hasn't been abandoned that long. What used to be known as Cleveland High School in St. Louis eventually became Cleveland Junior Naval Academy. Wikipedia provides some of the history of this old building including the many state championships that students here achieved:

Baseball: 1958
Boys Basketball: 1953
Girls Basketball: 1983
Boys Cross Country: 1949
Boys Swimming and Diving: 1942, 1948, 1955

That's some sports history to be proud of. Unfortunately, those glory days are long past as you can see inside.

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The outside of the building is worn, but still appears more or less intact.

Explore Abandoned Places With TattooTonyAlton via YouTube

Based on the sign on this door, 4 rings is bad, but 3 rings is even worse.

Explore Abandoned Places With TattooTonyAlton via YouTube

If you're looking for a free TV, it looks like one is available.

Explore Abandoned Places With TattooTonyAlton via YouTube

The Wikipedia page for the Cleveland Junior Naval Academy shows that it wasn't until this past year that the school was abandoned. After watching this walkthrough, that seems hard to believe as most of these halls don't appear to have any activity for years.

It's a unique Missouri building that reflects architecture from 120 years ago and seems like it should be preserved somehow. As it stands now, that is definitely not happening.

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