Minnesotans are being asked to leave their porch lights on overnight this weekend in honor of Jodi Huisentruit.

On June 27th, 2022 it will mark the 27th anniversary of Long Prairie woman Jodi Huisentruit being abducted on her way to work in Mason City, Iowa. This year is especially hard considering Jodi was 27 when she was taken. The team that has dedicated its time to solving this case, FindJodi, is asking people to leave their porch lights on through June 27th in memory of the missing news anchor.

Our team hopes that by turning on lights in the days leading up to the 27th, it will remind people – especially in the Mason City area – that the Long Prairie, MN native is still missing.

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The team is also hoping that this small act could prompt someone with new information on the case to come forward. Asking people to leave lights on is just one way the team is pushing to keep Jodi's disappearance from fading in the public spotlight.

In the FindJodi.com website post asking people to leave their lights on, they also included a clip from a 1995 Associated Press article. They were interviewing someone who had met Jodi before her disappearance who said:

In case she is out wandering the streets or something and she needs a place to go, she'll see the light on. But I have a feeling she's not here.

Even if Jodi isn't here in person, her memory and spirit live on through Jodi's Network of Hope. This group works with schools and groups to educate and protect children and women by providing them with critical safety awareness and training and providing scholarships for positive educational opportunities.

If you get a chance, also check out the FindJodi podcast. It is just another thing the FindJodi team is doing to raise awareness about this unsolved case and hopefully encourage someone to come forward with more information. Jodi has not been seen since that summer morning in 1995. No one has been arrested or charged in connection with Iowa’s highest-profile unsolved case.


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