A town in Minnesota has had enough with turkeys terrorizing their town, and are planning on sending them to eastern South Dakota. In Moorehead, Minnesota the City Council approved a plan Monday to relocate 75 of the birds according to twincities.com. The plan emerged after increased complaints from residents about large populations of turkeys within city limits.

The council was trying to come up with options to get rid of the problem and decided to ait and trap them with a “rocket net.” South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks will use rocket cannons that will deploy large net to capture the turkeys. ROCKET CANNONS?!? Sounds like a weapon on Fortnite!

Anyway, the article goes on to say that the relocation would benefit South Dakota’s turkey restoration plan, so all costs for trapping and moving the 75 birds would be incurred by South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks.

The Council hasn't announced a date for the relocation of the animals.

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