Being one with nature is a great feeling. I love getting out into the wild, or at least as wild of a place as I can find. But I don't care to be so natural that I don't wear clothes.

A Minnesota man is in trouble after fishing naked from a pontoon boat in Otter Tail County.  59 year-old Michael Blake was not very far from the shore, which was lined with houses, when he was angling in the buff. Nearby residents called to complain about the man and his tackle.

According the story from KARE11, Blake said he "didn't think anyone was around so fishing naked wouldn't be a problem." The story also cites that he was only 50 feet from shore, close enough to see his rod and reel.

Blake was charged with GROSS misdemeanor indecent exposure. There was no word on whether or not he will lose his fishing privileges or not. No one is likely to sit in the drivers seat of that pontoon ever again.

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