When I was about 7 years old, I got a clown costume for Halloween. I loved it so much, I could have lived in it! I imagined myself performing in a circus, doing all kinds of amazing, gymnastic moves; cartwheels, jumping on trampolines and somersaulting in the air, juggling, and more, all to a fun, soaring orchestral, clownish sort of soundtrack which played in my head on repeat.

I still have the mask that went with the costume somewhere in my stored belongings.

As a kid, it never occurred to me that clowns could be scary. Until I saw the original "It". British actor Tim Curry scared the living crap out of me as Pennywise the Clown!

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I never really understood the aversion some people have to, even seeing a picture of a clown until I terrorized the friend of my friend Mickey. I chased this lovely gal, Gwen, all around Falls Park with a wallet-sized photo of a clown, until I realized she was absolutely terrified. I can be a total jerk sometimes!

Speaking of total jerks, 43-year-old Matthew Jacoboski of Minneapolis was arrested at Metro Auto Sales in Blaine, Minnesota on Monday night, February 22. Someone saw him on a surveillance camera crawling under cars and called the police.

Among the charges he'll be facing; damage to property (which the owners of the car dealership say is around $2,400) and possession of burglary or theft tools.

You may be wondering about the clown connection by now and here it is: when they pulled him out from under one of the cars he was wearing a weird clown mask and was in the process of relieving another vehicle of its valuable catalytic converter with a cordless saw.

He was in possession of a bag that already contained 2 other catalytic converters. When he was dragged out from under the vehicle he was working on, he admitted that the cops had caught him "red-handed".

My guess is he had a red face too, but you couldn't see it through the mask.

What a clown!!

Source: WCCO 4 CBSN Minnesota

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