I think I only went to camp once as a kid. It was a good experience, as I remember it. Pretty sure there wasn't any negative interaction with camp counselors or any discipline administered during my stay.

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Parents that send their kids off to camp should be able to count on that their children's safety will be looked after and they will not be mistreated in any way. You'd just think that would be a given, right?

Not so at a kids camp in Minnetrista, Minnesota recently. Fox 9 did a story about an incident at a day camp in Minnetrista, where a 19-year-old camp counselor is accused of shooting arrows at 6 to 8-year-old kids.

McKenzie Kim Stolt, 19 from Minneapolis is accused of a gross misdemeanor, one count of endangerment to a child that could cause harm or death.

According to Stolt, an 8-year-old attending the day camp was not listening and not following directions. I would think maybe a time out from activities would be sufficient but the counselor, Stolt, had a different idea.

According to the complaint, Stolt instructed the 8-year-old boy to go stand in front of an archery target and using a compound bow and an arrow with a pointed tip, from 15 to 20 feet away shot an arrow between the boy's legs.

Evidently, two or three other children thought this looked like fun and went and stood in front of the target. Stolt allegedly fired a few more arrows near the children. The 8 year old was hit in the arm and suffered a small mark and injury to his arm.

An August 25th court date is scheduled for Stolt.

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