Minnehaha County State's Attorney Aaron McGowan says drugs are responsible for numerous crimes in the county.

"When I look at our case loads, we are currently up 17 percent ahead of where we were last year which is over 800 cases. My office currently has over 13,400 adult criminal cases. These crimes are propelled by this chemical component methamphetamine."

McGowan says meth is becoming one of the most widely used drugs in Minnehaha County.

"When you look at all the crimes that are connected with meth---robberies, burglaries, identity theft, car burglaries, guns stolen out of vehicles and found in the hands of drug dealers---these crimes against our community, our families and children are propelled by this horrible drug and by the nature of that addiction."

McGowan says the new texting program to report illegal drugs is another tool in the battle against drugs.

"This is another effort and tool that we can use. We need to get rid of meth in this community. We will not be safe until we do. It is causing massive problems at a level we can't sustain with our current staffing and law enforcement agencies."

If you want to anonymously report illegal drug use in South Dakota, McGowan urges you to go on line and text "drugs" followed by 82257.

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