Someone tried to smuggle some methamphetamine into the Barton County Jail in Kansas through an arts and crafts operation that involved underwear, according to Sheriff Brian Bellendir.

The Sheriff said his detectives learned of a plan to smuggle meth into the jail. According to officials, the smugglers recruited an inmate who only serves his sentence on weekends but is free during weekdays. The alleged plan was to have the man smuggle drugs in and sell them to inmates.

hand holds packet with white narcotic - cocaine, meth or another drug

Bellendir says that was man showed up on Friday evening to be checked into the jail like every other start of the weekend, and when they checked him, detectives found meth sewn into the seam of his underwear.

Detectives arrested a 47-year-old man from Great Bend (who has yet to be named) on suspicion of possession of meth with intent to distribute, and trafficking contraband into a correctional facility. His bond was set at $50,000.

Also, a 36-year-old Great Bend man who is currently in jail for two probation violations was also rearrested in the case.

The sheriff says more people are still investigating possible co-conspirators, so more arrests are likely coming.

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