Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is not mincing his words when it comes to his distain for the current "helmet rule" that has caused all kinds of controversy this preseason.

According to ESPN's Courtney Cronin, Zimmer had plenty to say about the new rule on Monday, "It's going to cost some people some jobs -- playoffs, jobs, the whole bit I'm guessing. We haven't had any called on us so far. It's just hard to figure out. No one has ever said to me, 'Hey. Don't worry about it, we're going to call it less or we'll get it straightened out in the regular season. Or we're going to come up with a revised rule.' No one has ever said that."

Zimmer makes some good points about the assumption that the rule is going to change, but he may be a bit misplaced with his thoughts on the effects of the new rule.

For every job that is lost because the new rule gives a team a first down or sets them up for a win, there will be another set of coaches who get to keep their job because they benefit from the penalty.

It is all in the eye of the beholder.

As for the rule itself, I think it is very confusing, but the anger toward the flags coming as a result doesn't upset me like it upsets the masses.

Personally, I am all for a 60-50 game as scoring to me is where the entertainment value sits and the more scoring the more entertaining I find the NFL.

If that has to be as the result of more 15 yard penalties, it's a sacrifice this fan is willing to make.

I fully understand I am probably in the minority, but to me the spot of the foul penalty for defensive pass interference is more frustrating than this.

As for the future of the rule, the question becomes whether or not the NFL is going to revamp the rule.

Currently they have only said they will adjust the instructional video that is distributed to the teams for clarification purposes.

My guess is the rule stands this year and after a year of data, the offseason will be the time for drastic change, not during the season.


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